Tracey Deutsch

The Julia Child Project: The Cold War, France, and the Politics of Food (owner)

Relations between the US and France were at a lowpoint in the spring of 1966. The country was still a popular tourist destination, and a cherished resource of guidelines for cosmopolitan food, art, and even sex. But things were changing. Anti-American sentiment appeared with increasing frequently in French popular media—so much so that even tourists took note Charles deGaulle, the president, had adopted a policy of “gaullism” that meant...

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Tracey Deutsch is associate professor of history at the University of Minnesota. She teaches, researches, and writes in the areas of food studies, gender and women’s history, the history of capitalism, and modern US history. Deutsch is the author of Building a Housewife’s Paradise: Gender, Government, and American Grocery Stores, 1919-1968 (2010 University of North Carolina Press). She has also published essays on food and labor in The Oxford Handbook of Food History and in the Radical History Review. She is currently researching a book project on the life of Julia Child and the politics of gourmet food in the mid-century US.