Mark Cooper

New Critical Television (owner)

I. A. Richards’s Sense of Poetry (October-December 1957) and its sequel Wrath of Achilles (January-March 1958) added poetry appreciation to the diverse televised lectures broadcast by WGBH-TV in its first years on the air. Harvard professor Richards was an interesting choice. He ranks among the most prominent twentieth-century literary critics. Generally credited with pioneering the approach known as New Criticism, he also helped develop the...

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Mark Garrett Cooper is Professor of Film and Media Studies at the University of South Carolina. He collaborates with University of California, Davis English professor John Marx on a project called "Mass Media and the Humanities Workforce." His most recent book is Universal Women: Filmmaking and Institutional Changes in Early Hollywood (University of Illinois Press, 2010). He is also at work on a history of motion pictures from the point of view of accounting.