John Campopiano

Considering Our Tech-nostalgia (owner)

A hundred years ago nostalgia was thought to be a psychological affliction, something that had a pronounced impact on an individuals cognition and ability to function in everyday life. Typically associated with geographical displacement, nostalgia was (and to a certain degree still is) synonymous with longing and a sense of homesickness for ones "place" - figuratively and literally. Nowadays it is more likely to hear nostalgia uttered in...

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Originally hailing from Rhode Island, John Campopiano studied ethnomusicology at Wheaton College and soon thereafter realized his real passion was to be found off the musical stage.

Several years after taking a job archiving the personal collection of noir-pianist, Ran Blake, he discovered the archival science profession. In 2011 he entered the Library and Information Science graduate program at Simmons College and in the spring of 2013, soon after graduating from Simmons, began work at the Jewish Women's Archive in Brookline and the Harvard Film Archive in Cambridge.

His research interests include tech-nostalgia, the intersection between nostalgia and popular culture, digital preservation, and anything related to archival science. In his spare time, John enjoys watching and discussing films - particularly horror films and anything from Greenland - hiking, and playing his fretless banjo.