Daniella Perry

Television on Television Violence: Perspectives from the 70s and 90s (owner)

On January 10, 1995, PBS’s Frontline aired an episode provocatively titled “Does TV Kill?” The show investigated television viewing habits of average families in upstate New York, and promised to “reveal unexpected conclusions about the impact TV has on Americans’ world view.” But if one looks at the history of television discussions about television effects, Frontline only reiterated issues that have troubled academics and filled popular...

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Daniella is a PhD Candidate at UCLA in History, in the field of History of Science, Medicine, and Technology. Her research is on the history of federal media violence investigations on comic books, television, and video games since 1954, and her dissertation is tentatively titled, The Role of Scientific Evidence in Media Violence Investigations, 1954-2012. Daniella explores the presentation and use of scientific evidence in these investigations to understand the role of social science in public policy more broadly.